Jun 26 2007

Java Testing at SGV-JUG

The San Gabriel Valley JUG got off to a great start in Pasadena last night, taking the next steps from its beginnings as a study group. It was a good sized group, with excellent participation.

Here are the slides from my presentation, hosted by SlideShare:

Testing in Java

Here’s a version with notes at the end, and a PDF download, hosted by Scribd:

Testing in Java, with notes

I’ll put the example project code and configuration files somewhere in the next day or so.

Meanwhile, testing guru Brian Marick just posted some resources for test-driven development:

Workbook for Practicing Test-Driven Design

And Will Sargent recently posted example code using EasyMock to verify that a service makes the correct method calls to another object during some tests:

EasyMock Examples

Thanks to everyone who showed up!


You can browse the code here:

If you have a java.net account, you can get it from CVS here:

cvs -d :pserver:username@cvs.dev.java.net:/cvs checkout sgvjug