Jun 26 2005

Multiple Identities

What’s JavaOne without somebody talking about Mars? This year it’s my turn, and I’ll be talking about “Files from Mars” on Monday at 4:45pm in Gateway 104. Lots of people have seen the cool science planning tool (SAP aka Maestro, which is now running in Eclipse by the way). But it’s a little-known fact that all of the downlink telemetry was processed on the ground by Java. For example, the images were stored on the rovers in FLASH memory, then sent down through an interplanetary data protocol and assembled by software written in Java. Anyway, stop by if you want to hear about how the development of that software might be similar and different from your own project.

In other news, I’ve just joined Seagull Software as their BPM architect. Actually, all of Oak Grove Systems has been acquired by Seagull Software. It’s going to be an exciting year for BPM in general, and I think this puts us in a great position to be part of the moving and shaking. When I’m not attending sessions on SOA, JBI, BPEL, and heckling Tom Baeyens (just kidding, Tom!), I’ll be manning the Oak Grove / Seagull booth.

Because I was signed up to both present a talk and be a booth babe, through separate organizations, JavaOne had me in their system twice. Sadly, they only gave me one badge :-( Oh well, it’s about time I settled down to just one identity!


Here are the slides: